How Portable Chef Works for You

Serving specialty diets is our forte!

Just tell us your dietary goals and desires, and we’ll handle the details. We’ve helped people lose weight, improve their health, and manage strict diets without sacrificing the joy of flavorful and fulfilling meals.

Eating well can be a challenge when you have special dietary requirements, but want the convenience of prepared meals. So we make it easy to enjoy ready-to-eat, healthy food that’s tailored for your unique needs. 

Tell us your needs, and we’ll take care of everything else.

Let us know:

1) Who’s eating, and what are their food preferences?

Are we cooking for one person or a family? What are each person’s likes, dislikes, allergies or health goals? (If desired, we can customize for each person individually!)

2) Which meals would you like?

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks? Every day, or once a week?

3) When and where do you want them delivered?

6am Monday? Daily at the office?

We offer two levels of service, for your desired level of customization:

1. The Customized Convenience Plan

Complete our detailed questionnaire once, and you’re done. We’ll tailor delicious, nutritious meals to your needs and desires, and deliver on schedule for as long as you choose.

Each meal will arrive in simple, recyclable packaging, fully cooked and apportioned. Simply warm it up with the stove, oven, or microwave, and enjoy.

Order a few meals in advance, or set up a subscription. If your diet or schedule changes, let us know, and we’ll easily adjust to suit your needs.

Set it & Forget it. Bon Appetit!  

Learn more about our meals here.

2. Fully Bespoke Service

If you need a personal chef who keeps out of your kitchen, this service is for you!

As a passionate food connoisseur with specific desires and requests, you may enjoy being even more engaged in your food choices. We will work with you to create fully custom meals, inspired by you.

Tell us what you want, and we’ll make it special for you.

We can adapt your family classics with a modern healthful twist, or recreate Grandma’s recipes from your childhood. If you have flavors you love, or ideas you’d like us to interpret into a mouthwatering meal, we’ll blend your inspiration with our expertise and deliver superb food that satisfies.

Your Personal Chef Service. Our Professional Kitchen.

Contact us to inquire about our Fully Bespoke Service.

For Groups & Events:

When you need ready-to-eat, individually portioned meals for your next event, we can make it special. You can choose items from our menu, or we can create fully bespoke dishes for your needs. Whether you’re ordering a hot lunch for your office meeting, or multiple meals for your movie set, we’ll deliver healthy, satisfying food that delights everyone.

Mealtime Moments