About Portable Chef

We’re passionate foodies who love to serve you

We care about good food, including where it comes from and how it’s made. Flavorful food doesn’t need to be laden with salt, sugar and fat. We make natural, nutritious meals that satisfy.

We also care about who’s eating! That’s why everything we prepare in our professional Manhattan kitchen is farm fresh and made-to-order, just for you. 

Portable Chef Delivers

It takes dedication to source the highest quality ingredients, and it requires time, skill and care to turn those ingredients into exceptional cuisine. Not everyone has the hours or ability to prepare wholesome meals regularly. So we’re here to nourish you when you need it.

When you want your meals ready when you are, without compromising health, taste or quality, Portable Chef delivers. 

Meet Executive Chef & Founder, Uri Attia

Eating is a necessity. But it’s a special ritual when you consume a nutritious meal made with utmost care, just for you. That’s why I oversee each meal that leaves our kitchen, and respond to your every call and email.

I created Portable Chef to deliver premium quality meals with personalized service.

I believe food should be grown like you see in children’s books, or egg carton cartoons: green pastures with happy cows, smiling pigs, and clucking hens with room to roam. And I believe the best food is prepared personally, by people who care.

As much as possible, I aim to fulfill these ideals with Portable Chef. When we make meals the right way – in small batches from scratch, using farmer-sourced ingredients and humanely-raised livestock – the result is best for your health, best for the environment, and the absolute best-tasting.

Here’s to your health!

This Cook’s Tour, or How it All Began...

I’ve always loved to cook. And I knew I had a talent for it when my oatmeal chocolate chip cookies were better than everyone else’s cookies on “bring a cookie to school” day in Mrs. Kassen’s class in Kindergarten.

But I didn’t get serious about cooking until I was 17 and my mom became terribly ill. She had always outdone herself in the kitchen, creating amazing meals for my family, and then suddenly she was too sick to cook. I knew I couldn’t cure her cancer, but I could cook chicken. And so I began making the family meals to fill the void. By the time my mom recovered, I’d kicked her out of her kitchen, and I’d cultivated impressive culinary skills.

I didn’t go to culinary school. Instead I earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from Stanford University followed by an MBA in Finance and Management from New York University. Eight years into my banking career, the 2008 economic crisis crashed the industry, along with the Forbes-featured real estate project I’d been working on.

There’s something satisfyingly primal about cooking good food. Because no matter how unpredictable or devastating life might be, one thing is certain: we’ve all gotta eat. And preferably – well.

I knew I couldn’t solve the economic crisis. But I could cook chicken. And in fact, cooking has always been the most rewarding work of my life. So I shifted gears, put up my shingle, and started making meals – first for friends, and soon for customers all over the city. By the time the economy had recovered, I’d created my own thriving commercial kitchen, delivering delicious cuisine and helping people achieve their health goals.

It’s my greatest pleasure serving you tasty meals. And hearing your stories about how Portable Chef has helped you lower your cholesterol, lose weight, or create more quality time to be with your family.

Life is full of surprises. So let me add this morsel of certainty: whatever your special dietary needs, Portable Chef will nourish you with phenomenally good food, prepared by people who care. 

Uri Attia

The Portable Chef