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Amanda Williams’s radio show – August 1

I had the opportunity to be on with Amanda Williams on her radio show again, and had a great wide-ranging talk.

  • 0:01 Amanda talks about the importance or reducing processed food – and talks Portable Chef up as a provider of customized meal delivery! Thanks, Amanda – I don’t do a lot of self-promotion, so the kind words are extra-appreciated.
  • 2:50 We talk about small family farms and how they tend to produce the most nutritious meals. We also talk about the language barrier that exists to buying good food – the best, most delicious and nutritious salmon, sourced from animals that live in the wild, and salmon that is farmed under factory-like conditions are both referred to as “salmon” – and that makes the distinction harder to come by for most consumers. We talk a lot about how Portable Chef is determined to find the best providers for use in its cooking.
  • 6:20 Amanda asks about Portable Chef’s clients, and what sort of needs they have. We really have two general categories of clients: (1) those that have very specific diets that need managing – either to personalize meals to help cope with medical conditions, or specific diets that they’d like to follow, or specific diet-related goals, such as losing weight. (2) People that just want the convenience of receiving meals with great ingredients every week, and not having to order them.
  • 9:15 We discuss renal diets, a particularly tricky set of dietary requirements that require management of micronutrients that are sometimes difficult to discern – sodium is relatively simple to track and even fairly easy to detect by tasting, but potassium and phosphorus more challenging to monitor.
  • 10:45 Many of our clients are diabetic or pre-diabetic. While those diets are *simple* in the sense that a good diet would feature elimination of sugars and careful management of carbohydrates, they are very *difficult* to follow, because carbs are in almost everything – particularly in foods that are otherwise convenient to purchase and prepare.
  • 12:30 We discuss the importance of variety in diets, and in the meals we prepare – particularly, variety’s important role in making sure that clients remain on the diets they are on. It’s why we make hundreds of different dishes each week, so even clients getting three meals a day every day can have the variety they need to keep at it.





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