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Month: August 2022

Amanda Williams’s radio show – August 1

I had the opportunity to be on with Amanda Williams on her radio show again, and had a great wide-ranging talk.

  • 0:01 Amanda talks about the importance or reducing processed food – and talks Portable Chef up as a provider of customized meal delivery! Thanks, Amanda – I don’t do a lot of self-promotion, so the kind words are extra-appreciated.
  • 2:50 We talk about small family farms and how they tend to produce the most nutritious meals. We also talk about the language barrier that exists to buying good food – the best, most delicious and nutritious salmon, sourced from animals that live in the wild, and salmon that is farmed under factory-like conditions are both referred to as “salmon” – and that makes the distinction harder to come by for most consumers. We talk a lot about how Portable Chef is determined to find the best providers for use in its cooking.
  • 6:20 Amanda asks about Portable Chef’s clients, and what sort of needs they have. We really have two general categories of clients: (1) those that have very specific diets that need managing – either to personalize meals to help cope with medical conditions, or specific diets that they’d like to follow, or specific diet-related goals, such as losing weight. (2) People that just want the convenience of receiving meals with great ingredients every week, and not having to order them.
  • 9:15 We discuss renal diets, a particularly tricky set of dietary requirements that require management of micronutrients that are sometimes difficult to discern – sodium is relatively simple to track and even fairly easy to detect by tasting, but potassium and phosphorus more challenging to monitor.
  • 10:45 Many of our clients are diabetic or pre-diabetic. While those diets are *simple* in the sense that a good diet would feature elimination of sugars and careful management of carbohydrates, they are very *difficult* to follow, because carbs are in almost everything – particularly in foods that are otherwise convenient to purchase and prepare.
  • 12:30 We discuss the importance of variety in diets, and in the meals we prepare – particularly, variety’s important role in making sure that clients remain on the diets they are on. It’s why we make hundreds of different dishes each week, so even clients getting three meals a day every day can have the variety they need to keep at it.





Portable Chef radio interview



Hi! I’m excited to be a regular guest on Amanda Williams’ radio show about nutrition and personal health. We covered a lot of ground on our first discussion, and Amanda was a very gracious host while I found my radio legs! Here’s the first episode; we’ll continue to post the segments here. Some topics we discussed included:

  • 0:01 Host Amanda Williams talks about the importance of food in overall health, and throws Portable Chef some kind words.
  • 3:22 Portable Chef’s origin story, and its mission to provide healthy customized meals made with care and sourcing great ingredients.
  • 7:14 The importance to Portable Chef of supporting small organic farmers and farm animal welfare, and how that leads to meals you can feel good about eating, that is the most nutritious, and that tastes the best. I got a chance to quote a childhood friend’s dad, a passionate foodie who once unannounced stood up at Thanksgiving dinner and yelled, “90% OF COOKING IS BUYING!!!”
  • 9:32 We discuss how we go about customizing meals for our personal chef clients for complex dietary requirements (including keto, low-Fodmap, paleo, low-sodium, and other diets), illness management, and customer tastes.
  • 12:20 Meal delivery services with national profiles? We discuss why we think shipping meals across the country is a terrible idea, and why Portable Chef will always be a local meal delivery service.
  • 16:28 How do you satisfy a sweet tooth while sticking to a healthy diet, and even when you’re trying to lose weight? I’ve got some strong, sweet opinions about good ways to include desserts.
  • 19:48 We cook hundreds of different dishes for our clients every week. How do we come up with the recipes? Great questions; we discuss that here.
  • 21:56 We discuss the importance of ingredients sourcing at Portable Chef, specifically looking at Iliamna Fish Company, our salmon provider, and why their product is so superior to 99.999% of all salmon available to buy.