Paleo Diet

Fad diet? Hardly. The Paleo Diet is how man and his ancestors ate for millions of years in the pre-modern era: meat and eggs from livestock raised outside, wild-caught seafood, seeds, fruits and nuts, and lots of vegetables. Whether you’re looking to lose weight and up your energy level or you’re a Crossfitter looking for peak athletic performance, let Portable Chef make sticking to the Paleo Diet both simple (with ready-to-eat meals stocking your fridge) and easy (with food this good, you won’t want to cheat).

Eating only fresh ingredients grown without chemicals makes sense. Portable Chef has been doing Crossfit for five years and has been cooking – and eating – Paleo meals ever since.



1. You tell me your food likes, dislikes, allergies, and restrictions.

2. I make Paleo meals for you customized to your tastes, delivered to your door.

Delivery to Manhattan below 125th Street costs $20; delivery throughout the city (and beyond) can be arranged.  Meals can be delivered once, twice, or three times per week as you prefer.

Sign up for a month and receive an additional 10% discount Рperfect for a Paleo Challenge!  Contact Portable Chef today to get your caveman on.

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